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Mimulus seeds F1 mix color pack of 20 seeds Imported


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Mimulus seeds Mystic includes both spotted colours and bright, clear colours, which is unusual since mimulus is usually spotted. Mystic is extra-early, free flowering and compact, making it an ideal pack item. Mystic also makes great-looking hanging baskets for early season sales.

  • High germination
  • Very early, free-flowering variety
  • Dwarf, with a highly uniform plant habit
  • Responds well to plant growth regulators
  • Cool crop requiring little or no heat
  • Especially attractive in hanging baskets
Mimulus seeds Culture Guide
Plug Culture
Stage 1 (days 1-7) Mimulus seed is extremely small so the Mystic series is available as pelleted seed to make
sowing easier. Sow the pellets in a well-drained media and do not cover the seed since it requires
light to germinate. Ideal germination temperature is 20°C. Mist the seed as needed to melt the pellet
and keep the media moist.
Stage 2 (days 8-15) After germination, lower the temperature to 12-15°C and fertilize with 50 ppm N from a
well-balanced calcium nitrate based fertilizer. Apply 50 ppm N from a well balanced calcium nitrate
based fertilizer.
Stage 3 (days 16-27) The plugs are beginning to fill in the plug tray. Drop the temperature to 10°C. Mimulus is
a moisture loving plant, never allow it to dry out during the production stage. Fertilize weekly with 75
ppm N. Use temperature to control height.
Stage 4 (day 28) Plants are now ready for transplanting into packs, pots and baskets. Mimulus Mystic grows
rapidly so do not delay transplanting.
Pack & Pot Culture
In general Mimulus Mystic is a highly attractive plant that sells well in early Spring. By nature, Mimulus flowers
are highly sensitive to ethylene and shatter easily when sleeved. Mimulus plants are best shipped
unsleeved on open racks.
Media Well-drained but with sufficient moisture holding ability for the consumer.
Transplanting Carefully remove the seedlings from the plug tray and plant them into packs, pots and baskets.
Temperature Mimulus performs best at cool temperatures. Optimum growing temperature is 10-15°C.
Fertilizer The Mimulus Mystic series grows rapidly and requires moderate fertilization. Apply 100-150 ppm N
weekly or as needed to maintain a soil EC of 1.0 to 1.2 mmhos (1:2 slurry). The use of a well-balanced
calcium nitrate-based fertilizer is recommended to build strong plants.
Lighting Obligate long day plant requiring >13 hours to initiate flowers. 54,000-75,000 lux.
Dry cultivation and B -nine ( daminozide) or both effective.
Pests &
Botrytis, Powdery Mildew


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