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Sunflower, the name “Helianthus” is derived from ‘Helios’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘anthus’ meaning ‘flower’. It called as sunflower as it follow the sun, always turning toward its direct rays. It is important oilseed crop of country. Sunflower oil is most popular because of its light color, bland flavour, high smoke point and high level of linoleic acid which is good for heart patient. Sunflower seed contains about 48– 53 percent edible oil.


  • Temperature

    20°C – 25°C
  • Rainfall

    500-700 mm

    Sowing Temperature

    20°C – 25°C
  • Harvesting Temperature

    35°C – 37°C


It can be grown on wide range of soil from sandy loam to black soils. It gives best result when grown under fertile, well-drained soil. It can tolerate slight alkaline soil. Avoid sowing in acidic also waterlogging soil. Ideal pH is around 6.5-8. Crop rotation follows in Punjab, Rice/Maize – Potato-Sunflower, Rice-Toria-Sunflower, Cotton-sunflower, Sugarcane-sugarcane ratoon-sunflower and kharif-fodder – toria-sunflower.


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