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Cabbage seeds When to Plant

  1. Cabbage seeds There is a wide selection of cabbages available with different planting times.
  2. The first cabbages are the early varieties. The middle of spring is the best time to start planting seeds for these. Here in Ireland that is march when most of the frost has gone.
  3. Sow the seeds in a tray in rows about 5 cm or 2 inches apart.
  4. If you have a plug tray then put two seeds into each.
  5. Leave under cover in case of unexpected frost.
  6. The seeds will take about two weeks to germinate.
  7. Watch them closely and keep watered.
  8. If it is needed you can thin out the plants as they grow bigger.
  9. If you used a plug tray and planted two in each then gently remove the weaker seedling and plant in another tray.
  10. You can sow the seeds straight into the soil but I prefer to use the trays. By doing it this way you have more control of the plants and can transplant the stronger ones into the ground when ready.

Cabbage seeds When to Transplant

Cabbage seeds Once the plants are about 7 cm in height or have four to five leaves they are strong enough to be put into your vegetable garden.

  1. Prepare the soil by digging over and raking it so you have a level surface.
  2. Make a trench by removing soil in a line to about 2 inches – 5 cm down.
  3. Water the trench well
  4. Place the cabbage plants in the trench about 12 inches – 30 cm apart.
  5. Cover with the soil and firm down and around the plants.
  6. Water well again

How To Protect Cabbage Plants from Slugs and Snails

They are two ways to do this and both work perfectly well.

  1. Get some empty plastic bottles and cut in two or three depending on the size.
  2. Place the open plastic container over each young cabbage plant.
  3. This will stop anything from reaching the plant in order to eat it.
  4. Once the cabbage has grown to a size where the plastic cover is too small then cut it with a scissors to remove from the plant.
  5. Your cabbage plants and the other vegetables in the soil will still need protecting.
  6. Get either egg shells or sea shells and crush them up.
  7. Scatter them around the base of the plants.
  8. Slugs and snails will not move over the surface as it is too rough for them.


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