Godetia Satin F1 Dwarf Pack Of 18-20 Seeds Imported


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Satin is a very compact godetia that flowers profusely in cool, dry conditions at an approximate height of 7-8 inches in the flower bed and is an outstanding performer as a 4-6-in. pot plant item. This series is very uniform with good basal branching habit and early flowering with blossoms measuring approximately 2 inches in diameter.

  • Bright colored, long lasting flowers
  • Good basal branching
  • Responds well to plant growth regulator
  • Flower size measures approximately 2 inches

Stage One (days 1–7) Single sow Godetia Satin into a large plug cell,
(128), using a plug media with a low starter charge. The larger plug cell
will allow more natural light around the plant, helping to reduce stretch
and increase basal branching. Cover the seed with either media or
vermiculite and maintain a soil temperature of 65°F/18°C with even soil

Stage Two (days 8-21) When green appears move trays to a cool, bright
and well-ventilated greenhouse. Supplemental lighting can benefit the
plug and ensure its healthy development. Optimum temperature is 55-
60°F/13-16°C. The use of negative DIF is ideal for Godetia production.
If the plug media does not contain a starter charge, feed the plugs feed
with 50-75 ppm of nitrate nitrogen, preferably from a well-balanced
calcium nitrate-based fertilizer.

Stage Three (days 22 -39) Maintain cool temperatures and use a negative
DIF, if possible. Weekly sprays of daminozide at 2,500 ppm/0.25% will
help to control plant height, but temperature manipulation has proven to
be the most effective tool. Fertilize lightly with 75-100 ppm N every 10-
14 days. Ammonium based feeds promote soft growth.

Stage Four (day 40) Plug flats are now ready for transplanting or
shipping. Plug trays may be held in a well-lighted area at 40°F/4°C to
tone before shipping, or until space is available for planting.
Four Inch Pot – 8 weeks

Transplanting: Select a media with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Godetia
plants are sensitive, so dislodge plants from the plug tray by pushing up
from the bottom. Avoid pulling the plants out of the tray by hand, which
may damage the stem. Avoid planting the plug below the soil line, to
guard against stem rot and ensure a healthy transition.

Temperature: Maintain cool growing conditions at 50-60 F/11-15C.
Using a negative DIF is an ideal way to control height.
Fertilizer: Fertilize every 10-14 days with 75-100 ppm N from a wellbalanced calcium nitrate-based formulation. Another option is to top
dress each pot with ¼ teaspoon of 14-14-14 osmocote with NO

ADDITONAL FERTILIZER. It is best to use drip tubes or sub
irrigation as overhead watering with strong water pressure will weaken
the plant and open up the plant canopy; especially when flowering. It is
fine to see lower leaves with a red color which indicates low nitrogen as
plants can be quickly greened up with an application of fertilizer.
Lighting: Godetia Satin flowers under long day conditions (>14 hours).
Extending the photoperiod to 16 hours using ordinary mum lighting, (10-
foot candles/100 lux from incandescent bulbs placed on 6 inch/15 cm.
centers) will hasten flower and plant development.
Growth Regulators: Temperature and fertilizer are the best tools for
controlling height. Maintain optimum temperatures using a negative
DIF, if possible, and limit fertilizer.

Spacing: Space plants to assure the best quality. Acclimated plants
tolerate a light frost, permitting spacing outdoors in late April or early
May when greenhouse bench space is at a premium.
Garden Performance: The best performance is under mild weather


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