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Brachycome Seeds The newer scientifically correct name for this genus is Brachyscome; most gardeners still use the original name for the genus in general descriptions, but will use the modern name for scientific names.

Brachycome Seeds When looking for plants at gardening centers or for further information on the plants be prepared to search using both names for the genus.

Brachycome Seeds Brachycome may be half hardy annuals or perennials.

Plants reach about 15 inches (40 cm) in height and should be spaced at about 9 inches (22 cm); if you are using the plants as part of a lawn edging then space at 6 inches (15 cm) apart. They can be grown in full sunlight or partially shaded conditions, and can tolerate dry soils. Ideally the soil will be rich and deep, and slightly acidic (though these plants are known to grow well in soils of pH 5.5 to 8).

Blooms do not tend to last long, so prolong blooming time by deadheading, and sow out seeds every three to four weeks in order to maintain a continuous bloom in the garden.


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