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Venidium Orange

Venidium Orange

How to Grow Cape Daisy and other Venidium Plants in the Garden

Venidium Unless you live in a warm area it is best to grow Venidium plants such as Cape Daisy indoors. Sow the seeds at a depth of 3 mm about ten weeks before you expect the last frost of spring in your area. Venidium seeds will take about one or two weeks to germinate at a temperature of 15 to 18 degrees centigrade. Transplant the Cape daisy (Venidium) seedlings outdoors following the last frost at a spacing of 30 cm. Ideally Venidium species should grow in a sunny part of the garden and in a dry and light soil.

Venidium Caring for Venidium

Venidium plants like Cape Daisies are pretty easy plants to look after, water sparingly as they prefer a dry soil, stake larger varieties.

A dazzling blend of white, I0cm (4in) blooms, like miniature sunflowers, all with a purple to black centre. An excellent border filler and container plant, easy to grow, with deeply lobed silver-green foliage. Flowers summer. Height: 60cm (24in).

 Full sun

 Up to 60cm (24in)

 Easy for all

 Easy for all


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