Cineraria Hansa Mix color seeds Desi pack of 25-35 seeds


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Cineraria Hansa

Cineraria Hansa The Cineraria plant, the term cineraria means “ash gray,” so it’s not surprising to be called the ashplant. Perhaps it’s because many varieties of the flowering senecio articulatus plant (candle plant) have gray lines of color underneath the silvery grey foliage.

Cineraria Hansa The flowering plant went through many changes over the decades. The gray lines are not a characteristic “enjoyed” by many customers. Hybridizers have slowly worked to remove the “ash” for the plant!

Cineraria flowers have grown bigger and plant leaves smaller. This has certainly made customers happy. Today it is possible to buy cineraria with very compact flower clusters.

30 cm
30 cm
20-25°C (At time of sowing)

Remember The Cineraria Plant Is A Seasonal Flower

Before getting we look plant care and growing the Cineraria, understand it is a seasonal plant. In most homes, the flowers of the plant were forced to bloom at the greenhouse and once it has “served” its purpose it is discarded.

Cineraria plants normally grow flowers of up to five feet tall during early spring to summer.

Taking care of the plant from seed to full grown plant is not an easy job. Especially in living room conditions.

These plants species do not require grooming or cutting of stems. However, it is advisable to remove withered blooms and leaves when they appear.


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