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Japanese Morning Glory Grey Mist Pack Of 5 Seeds


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A true old-fashioned beauty! Home flower gardeners are growing morning glory (Ipomoea) for their vibrant colorsThis vigorous vining plant ​(up to 15 feet) ​is often found covering country fences where their delicate flowers greet you with the morning sun.


How To Grow Japanese Morning Glory 

Plant in a light potting mix  that drains well. Adding some gravel to the bottom of the container will help ensure holes don’t get clogged.

You can start seeds indoor in the container about four to six weeks before the last frost, or start outside once the soil has warmed to 60°F.

Soaking seeds overnight prior to planting can help improve germination. Sow seeds at 1/4 inch deep and water well.

Once seedlings emerge, thin to no more than two or three plants per pot.

Set the planter somewhere that receives full sun, and that is sheltered from strong wind.

Be sure to set a trellis in the pot, or set the container next to or beneath something the vine can climb and whorl around, such as a fence or archway.


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