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Petunia Hoolahoop F1 Burgundy Pack Of 40-50 Seeds Imported


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Hulahoop is an extra early flowering grandiflora series of picotee petunia with 3-in blooms. All colors have excellent outdoor performance, are heavy blooming and compact in habit. Hulahoop is a good addition to the assortment of pure-colored grandiflora petunias.

  • Early flowering picotee petunia
  • Grandiflora with 3-in. blooms
  • Heavy flowering and compact
  • Proven performance over many years in packs and gardens

Growing Guide 

Plug Culture – 5 weeks (405 / 15 x 27 tray)
Stage One (days 1-7) Sow raw or pelleted seed into a welldrained sterile media and a temperature of 72-75°F/22-24°C. For
proper and uniform germination do not cover the seed and use a
fine mist for watering. If using pelleted seed, be sure to apply
sufficient moisture at the start to thoroughly melt the pellets.

Stage Two (days 8-14) After the seedlings emerge reduce
moisture levels and allow the media to dry slightly in between
fertilizer applications. Apply 100 ppm of Nitrogen from a wellbalanced calcium nitrate-based fertilizer and place in a wellventilated greenhouse with high light. Optimum temperatures
range from 65°F/18°C at night and 70°F/21°C during the day.

Stage Three (days 15-28) The seedlings are beginning to fill in
the plug trays. Fertilize as needed to maintain strong growth.
Supplemental lighting will promote leaf expansion and root
development, especially during the darker months of January and
February. If needed, apply B-Nine (daminozide) at 1,500 – 2,500
ppm / 0.15 – 0.25% as the leaves reach the plug tray edge to
control growth.

Stage Four (days 29-35) The plants are now reaching maturity
and are ready for transplanting into pots and packs. Reduce
moisture and hold at 60°F/16°C, if necessary, until transplanted.


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