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Schizanthus mix pack of 40 seeds Desi


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Schizanthus The species naturally grows up to two feet high. As houseplants, dwarf varieties are also popular. There are also greenhouse varieties that grow to around three feet tall. Houseplant varieties of schizanthus grow well in pots. A five-inch pot is sufficient for compact varieties of this houseplant. No more than a seven-inch pot should be required for larger specimens.

Seeds of schizanthus pinnatus can be sown in spring or late summer for summer or autumn/winter blooms respectively. Schizanthus houseplants can be fed while actively growing, and will require regular watering and some misting to retain humidity. The compost in the pot should be kept moist. 55F to 64F is the ideal temperature range for a houseplant schizanthus. Too high a temperature drastically shortens the flowering period. Schizanthus plants grow best if kept fairly cool and in good light.


Schizanthus are excellent container plants for the cool glasshouse or sunroom, especially over the wintry months. They are also a beautiful and dramatic bedding plant for light shade or partly shaded gardens in almost all climatic zones and open sunny beds in cooler climate zones during the warmer months,

When grown as container plants, transplant the seedlings into small pots first. Once their roots begin to appear through the drainage holes then repot into a larger pot. They can be easily repotted with care several times. This allows the plants to always remain root bound and well drained as they develop. Liquid feed regularly to get the maximum flowering impact. Pinching out the growing tip early in their growth followed by frequent pinching back later will make a bushier plant that can produce hundreds of blooms over many months. Or alternatively, stake them and allow these beautiful ‘Angels’ to rise into their true glory


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