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Description for Sweet Corn

Sweetcorn Lark is a midseason tendersweet variety giving superior sweetness with a softer, less chewy texture than conventional supersweets. The large cobs, packed with golden, thin-skinned kernels, are delicious picked fresh from the garden and boiled, steamed or barbecued.

Tendersweet, sweet corn, baby corn, Zea mays(Botanical Name). green July, August 3 to 4 ft easy to grow

Planting and care

  • Corn is picky about its soil. Work in aged manure or compost the fall before planting and let over winter in the soil.
  • Starting seeds indoors is not recommended.Plant seeds outdoors two weeks after the last spring frost date.
  • Make sure soil temperature is above 60 degrees for successful germination. (Up to 65 for super sweet varieties.) In colder zones, the ground can be warmed by a black plastic cover if necessary. Plant seeds through holes.
  • Plant seeds 1 inch deep and 4 to 6 inches apart. Rows 30 to 36 inches apart.
  • For sufficient pollination, plan your plot right. Don’t plant two long rows, rather, plant corn blocks of at least four rows.
  • You may choose to fertilize at planting time, corn is meant to grow rapidly. If you are confident that the soil is adequate, this can be skipped.
  • Water well at planting time.
    Full Sun well-drained soil,loamy soil. Medium 50°F, Apply any organic fertilizer

    Caring for Sweet Corn

    • When your plants are 3 to 4 inches tall, thin them so they are 8 to 12 inches apart.
    • Be careful not to damage the roots when weeding.
    • Soil must be well drained and able to keep consistent moisture.
    • In dry conditions, be sure to keep corn well watered due to its shallow roots. Water at a rate of 5 gallons per sq yard. Mulch helps reduce evaporation.


    Harvest when tassels begin to turn brown and cobs start to swell. Kernels should be full and milky. Pull ears downward and twist to take off stalk. Sweet corn varieties lose their sweetness soon after harvesting. Prepare for eating or preserving immediately after picking.


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