Vinca F1 Sunjewels Mix Pack Of 25-30 Seeds Mix


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Plug Production: 512 or 288 plugs
Sowing/Media: Use a well-drained, disease-free, peat-based plug medium with pH 5.8-6.0, EC
0.75mmhos. Cover seed with vermiculite
Germination Stage 1:
(4-5 days)
Keep medium uniformly moist, media temperature should be 75-78°F (24-25°C), light is
not required, maintain high humidity.
Germination Stage 2: Dry down covering slightly to improve rooting, drop media temperature to 70-72°F (21-
22°C), once cotyledons have opened light levels should be <2000 f.c.
Germination Stage 3: Allow media to dry further between irrigations, practice a good wet/dry cycle, maintain
media temperature at 70-72°F (21-22°C), light levels should be 2500-3000 f.c. Fertilize
with 100-150ppm N (nitrate form with low phosphorus), keep media pH at 5.8-6.0 and EC
at 1.0-1.5mmhos.
Germination Stage 4: Irrigate as stage 3, media temperatures as stage 3, light levels can be increased to 4000-
5000 f.c. Fertilize as stage 3, avoid using high NH4 fertilizers but make sure pH is below
6.5. Growth regulators are not required.
Growing on to Finish: Cell Packs, 4” (10.5cm) pots
Media: Use a well-drained, disease free, peat-based growing mix with pH 5.5-6.0, EC
0.75mmhos. Never saturate the media, irrigate moderately to help prevent disease
Temperatures: Daytime temperatures should be at least 75°F (24°C)
Night temperatures should be 65-68°F (18-20°C)
Light: Keep light levels as high as possible if the ideal temperatures are achievable, 5000 f.c.
as a guide.
Irrigation: Avoid excess moisture to media and foliage to help prevent disease. Regular light
irrigations also are not ideal. Irrigate well and then allow media to dry almost to wilting
before irrigating again.
Fertilizer: One week after transplant, fertilize with 200-300ppm N (nitrate form) from 15-5-15, 17-5-
17, 13-2-13 once a week. Avoid fertilizers high in phosphorus. Maintain pH 5.5-6.0 and
EC 1.0-1.5mmhos. You can fertilize each time you irrigate at 150-200ppm N (nitrate
form) as long as pH and EC are maintained as above. Upper yellow leaves can be
caused by high media pH or low iron levels.
Growth Regulators: Growth can be controlled by managing moisture, fertilization and temperature. If PGR’s
are required, B-Nine (2500-5000) or A-Rest (3-5ppm) can be used.
Pests: Aphids, Thrips and Fungus Gnats
Diseases: Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Thielaviopsis, aerial Phytophthora, Botrytis, Alternaria leafspot. A
preventative fungicide program is recommended.
Plug Times:
512 Plug: 4-5 weeks from sowing to transplant
288 Plug: 5 weeks from sowing to transplant
Transplant to Finish:
Container Plants/Container Transplant to Finish Total Crop Time
Cell Packs 1x plug 3-4 weeks 8-9 weeks
4” (10.5cm) 1x plug 4-5 weeks 8-10 weeks


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