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Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Mix Pack Of 8-10 Seeds F1 Imported


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Plug crop time: 5 to 6 weeks
Transplant to finish: 13 to 17 weeks

  • Plants are shorter, better branched and fuller than many tissue-culture varieties. This makes it possible to grow without PGRs and offers the ability to ship on tightly spaced racks.
  • Flexible scheduling is possible to meet a range of market dates.
  • Fits a broad range of sizes from premium packs to gallons. Packs are suitable for in-colour or green plant sales for landscape or prairie-to-go uses.
  • Broad and consistent palette includes shades of red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow and white.
  • Long retail shelf life, heat and drought tolerance, and excellent Winter hardiness.

Height: 18 to 24 in./46 to 61 cm first year; 22 to 30 in./56 to 76 cm second year
Spread: 10 to 16 in./25 to 41 cm first year; 14 to 20 in./36 to 51 cm second year


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