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Moss Rose/Portulaca 10 Colors Pack Of 50 Cuttings (Cuttings )


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For propagation purposes, there are two parts to a moss rose plant stem: the nodes and the internodes. The nodes are the bumps on the stem where leaves form or new stems will grow. The internodes are the long sections between the nodes. For moss roses, the end of the stem, or tip, works best when propagating the plant through cuttings. The cut is made with sterile pruning shears about 4 inches from the tip of the stem. There should be at least one node at the cut end of the clipping. You can take several cuttings from one plant without damaging the parent plant. All flowers and buds should be removed from the stems. The bottom leaves that may come in contact with the planting medium must also be removed. To keep the cuttings viable, it is best to put them in a bucket of water until you are ready to plant them in the propagation tray.


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