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Primula Pagaent mix F1 hybrid pack of 20 seeds imported


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Primula A heat tolerant Primrose that is extra-early flowering and suitable for early Autumn flowering. Excellent plant habit and a good range of bright core colours, ideal for after-Summer colour in the gardens and ideal for programming with Autumn Pansies.

  • Unique! Heat tolerant Primula
  • Unique! The earliest flowering series ever
  • Unique! Requires no cold for flower induction
  • For early Autumn flowering
  • Great for landscaping
  • Matches well with Autumn pansies
  • For packs, pots and mixed combos

Plug Culture
Stage 1 (days 1-14) Select a sterile substrate containing a high amount of organic matter and a pH between
6.0-6.5. Primula seed requires light for germination but a light cover of vermiculite is recommended
to maintain sufficient moisture. Optimum germination temperature is 15°C. Maintain high humidity
levels and if needed place the flats in a germination chamber or shaded greenhouse to provide cool
Stage 2 (days 15-29) When the cotyledons are fully expanded, lower the humidity levels but do not allow the
plants to dry out. A light mist 2-3 times per day is beneficial. Primula plants are very sensitive and the
leaves can easily burn in strong light (>3,000 foot candles/32,000 lux). A light shade is recommended
to protect the plugs from intense sunshine. During periods of high temperatures the plants grow very
slowly. Fertilize with 50-75 ppm of Nitrogen to strengthen the plants. Select a well-balanced calcium
nitrate based fertilizer to produce strong and healthy seedlings.
Stage 3 (days 30-48) The first true leaves have formed. For high quality plugs it is necessary to maintain cool
temperatures and sufficient humidity. Fertilize the plants with 100 ppm N as needed to maintain E.C.
levels around 1.0 mmhos (2:1 slurry).
Stage 4 (days 49-56) The plants have 3-4 true leaves and are now ready for transplanting. Applying 200 ppm N
a week before transplanting helps the plants make the transition from the plug tray to the final


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