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Stock Iron Marine Cutflower F1 Pack Of 20 Seeds Imported


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The Iron series is an innovative type of high-quality stock producing tightly spaced florets on heads that do not stretch at the top. This early-mid season stock is appropriately named Iron for its strong stems and and robust growth.

  • Very hard, strong stems
  • Very tightly spaced florets
  • Early-mid season flowering

Growing Stock

Plug Culture – 4 weeks (288 / 12 x 24 tray)

Stage One (days 1-10) Sow seed into trays filled with a well-drained media at a
pH of 5.8-6.2 and lightly cover with vermiculite. Maintain even moisture and a
soil temperature of 65-68°F/18-20°C. *Selection for double seedlings may be
done between days 8 and 13.

Stage Two (days 11-17) After germination is complete, move seedling trays to a
well-lighted area, up to 2,500 foot-candles/27,000 lux, with good ventilation.
Fertilize lightly with 100 ppm N and grow at a day temperature of 60F/16C and
a night temperature of 55F/13C.

Stage Three ( days 18-25) Fertilize as needed to maintain strong growth and
provide high light and good air circulation.

Stage Four (days 26-30) When the plugs have 4-5 true leaves, transplant to the
bed. Avoid root bound plugs and delayed transplanting.

* Stock Iron produces 55% double flowers without selection. To increase the
percentage of double flowers, use the following procedure.

1. Triple sow a 288-plug tray with Stock Iron seed.
2. 8 days after sowing remove the last to germinate seedling with a tweezers. If
only two seedlings germinate wait until the next step.
3. Around day 9-10 allow the soil to dry slightly. This will make the final selection
easier. Make the final selection around day 14 before the emergence of the first
true leaves.
– The double-flowered seedlings are more vigorous and grow more rapidly.
– Double-flowered seedlings have larger and longer cotyledons with a more
irregular/elliptical shape and a lighter green color.
– Single-flowered seedlings will be shorter, with smaller cotyledons with a more
round/oval shape and darker green color.


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