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Aster Kuranei Rose Pack Of 35-40 Seeds Imported


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The Kurenai series has a good branching habit. Flowers are semi-double and medium sized.

Plant height is 24 – 28″ (60 – 70 cm).

Available in Purple, Red, Rose, and White


Choose a sunny plot with fertile, well-drained soil
having a pH of 5.5–7.5.
Transplanting is recommended. Sow plants 1/8”
deep in flats indoors 6–8 weeks before danger of
last frost. Keep the soil consistently moist during
germination; water gently with a fine nozzle or
mister. For best germination, maintain a consistent
soil temperature of 70–72°F/21–22°C. Seeds
should germinate in 10–14 days.
Once germinated, the ideal temperature range is
70°F/21°C during the day and 60–62°F/16–17°C
during the night. After the first true leaves appear,
transplant into cell packs or 3–4” pots. Do not allow
the plants to become root bound.
Plants exposed to long days (14 hours of daylight
or more) during the first 4–5 weeks of growth will
produce flowers more quickly, and on longer stems,
than those that are not exposed to long days.
Therefore, if growing indoors, you may wish to
supplement with artificial light.
Harden-off transplants by gradually introducing
them to outdoor conditions after danger of frost has
passed. Transplant into the field with a spacing of
6–12” between plants. Planting on black or IRT
(Infrared Transmitting) plastic film mulch will aid in
warming the soil and weed suppression.
If direct seeding, sow 1/8” deep after the last frost
when the soil temperature is 65-70°F (18-21°C).
Thin to 6–12”.





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