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Coleus Kong Empire Mix Pack of 10 Pelleted Seeds Imported


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Kong Empire Mix is a formulated mix of the individual Kong series coleus. The enormous leaves grow up to 6 in. wide, and are dramatically marked. Plants are vigorous, mounding and well-branched to 24 in. tall.

Kong Empire Mix coleus prefer more shade than most coleus, the extra-large leaves can burn in hot sun. Beautiful in beds and borders, and also a highly ornamental house plant.

There are two precautions to take when using pelleted seeds. First, be sure that the growing medium remains consistently moist, but not soggy, after you’ve sown the seed and you’re waiting for it to sprout. Secondly, use all of your pelleted seed in the season that you purchase it, or dispose of any that’s leftover. Pelleted seeds shouldn’t be relied upon to sprout the next year.


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