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Impatiens Accent Mix pack of 20 seeds Imported


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Impatiens Accent Mix Product Name : Impatiens star

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Scientific Name : Impatiens walleriana

Common Name : Busy Lizzy, Patience Plant

Blooming Season : Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer

Plant Habit : Mounded

Spacing : 8 – 10″ (20 – 25cm)

Height : 6 – 8″ (15 – 20cm)

Width : 12 – 14″ (30 – 36cm)

Exposure : Shade, Sun

Impatiens Accent Mix Grower Information :
Seed supplied as: Raw.
Plug crop time: 4 to 5 weeks
Transplant to finish: 3 to 4 weeks

  • Impatiens Accent Mix One of the most grower and retailer-friendly series available offers a streamlined range of top-selling colours.
  • Reduced apical dominance, decreased internode length and good soil coverage produce easy-to-manage plants with less upward stretch and potentially need fewer growth regulators – perfect for high-density programs.
  • Long shelf life for extended sales and reduced dump.
  • All colours finish in a 5 to 7-day window for efficient shipping and flexibility, letting you adjust the colour assortment to meet seasonal/regional and market needs.
  • Good garden fill – plants stay full and nice-looking all season with less lodging.
  • Growing impatiens from seeds is a slow process, but a simple one. Fill each cell with a moistened commercial seed-starting mix, leaving ½ inch space between the top of the soil and the edge of the planter. Put the cells on a tray and fill the tray with water. Allow the mix to soak up water from the bottom until the top of the mix is moist. Pour the rest of the water out of the tray. Place two seeds on top of the soil in each cell and sprinkle a light dusting of mix over them. Mist the top of the cells with clear water. Cover the cells with plastic to keep in moisture, and place it in a bright spot to sprout. Once the seeds have sprouted and have produced a pair of leaves, remove the plastic and place the tray filled with cells in a sunny south window. If you don’t have a bright window available, grow the impatiens under fluorescent lights for 16 hours a day.


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