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Portulaca Sunnyside Mix Pack Of 60-70 Seeds Imported


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Sowing/Media: Use a well-drained, disease-free, peat based plug medium with pH 5.5-6.0, EC <0.75
mmhos. Sow 4-6 seeds/pellets per cell, no covering needed.
Germination Stages
1 & 2: (7 days)
Keep medium uniformly moist, not saturated and reduce once cotyledons are open.
Media temperature should be 75-78°F (24-26°C) and high humidity, keep light levels
<1500 f.c. Make sure daylength is 11 hours or more so use supplementary light to extend
daylength if this can’t be achieved naturally. Once radicles emerge temperature can be
lowered to 71-73°F (22-23°C)
Germination Stage 3:
(7-10 days)
Media temperature should be 68-72°F (20-22°C). Dry the media down between
irrigations to improve rooting, control floppiness and encourage even seedling growth.
Keep light levels between 2500 and 3000 f.c. 12-16 hour days will improve growth rate
and HID lighting will be beneficial during periods of low light. Feed every other watering
with 100-150ppm from 15-5-15, 17-5-17, avoid excess phosphorous and ammonium. EC
0.7-1.2 mmhos.
Germination Stage 4: Media temperature can be lowered to 65-68°F (18-20°C). Dry down between irrigations.
Keep light levels around 3000-4000 f.c. Fertilize as required using 15-5-15, 17-5-17 or
13-2-13 to help tone seedlings before transplant. PGRs should not be necessary
Growing On to Finish: Packs, 4 inch (10cm) pots
Media: Use a well-drained, disease free, peat-based growing mix with pH 5.5-6.0 and EC <1.5
mmhos. Do not irrigate heavily immediately after transplant, water sparingly until roots
reach the side of the container
Temperatures: Temperatures for rooting out after transplant should be 70-72°F (21-22°C)
Temperatures for growing on can be lowered to 68-70°F (20-21°C) but no lower as this
will seriously affect crop time.
Light: Light levels should be maintained at 3000 – 5000 f.c or higher as long as the temperature
can be controlled. HID lights can be used to extend daylength beyond 12 hours if natural
daylength is shorter. Light levels and daylength are crucial to ensure flowering.
Irrigation: Practice a good wet/dry moisture cycle but avoid too wet! Portulaca can tolerate mild
wilting and this is the best way to control plant growth and encourage flowering.
Fertilizer: Feed 1–2 times per week with 150 – 200 ppm N from 15-5-15, 17-5-17 or 13-2-13 Keep
media pH 5.5-6.0, EC 1.0-1.5 mmhos (saturated paste).
Growth Regulators: Portulacas do not generally need PGRs as the height can be controlled by good moisture
and fertilizer management, but you can use sprays of B-Nine (2500 ppm) or Bonzi (5-10
ppm) successfully if needed. It is best to run your own trials to avoid overdosing, as
weather and cultural regimes can affect the requirements.
Pests: Spider mites, Thrips.
Diseases: Pythium, Rhizoctonia, poor rooting can be down to conditions being to cool and wet.
Plug Times:
512 Plug: 3-4 weeks from sowing to transplant
288 plug: 4-5 weeks from sowing to transplant
Transplant to Finish:
Container Plants/Container Transplant to Finish Total Crop Time
Packs 1 x plug 5-6 weeks 8-11 weeks
4 inch (10cm): 1 x plug 6-7 weeks 9-12 weeks


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