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Ranunculus F1 Sprinkles Mix Pack Of 12-15 Seeds F1 Imported


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Ranunculus Seeds Are the one of the winter annual seeds which requires immense care and temperature control for germination.It takes 25-40 days to germinate depending on climatic conditions.Patience Is required throughout the process and it takes 4 months to flowers,

Sprinkles is a half-height ranunculus which flourishes at relatively cool temperatures. This is a magnificent sight in a pot by the front door or on the terrace, in early spring, just when the last frost has gone. That’s a warm welcome!


  • Firm flower stems and rich flowering
  • Uniformity in height and timing within the colour range
  • Abundant new buds and continual blooms
  • Fine leaf structure

Ranunculus seeds How To Grow Persian Buttercups: Sow Ranunculus seeds in winter. Ranunculus Magic Mix flower about 3 – 4 months after being sown from flower seed. The key to growing Ranunculus from flower seed is growing them in cool temperatures. Ranunculus flower seeds needs to germinate between 50 – 60F and then grow on at 60F days and 40F nights. Use sterile potting soil and trays. Sow Ranunculus Asiaticus seeds on the surface of the soil and gently press the flower seeds in. Keep the trays out of direct sunlight and always moist. Transplant Ranunculus seedlings into larger pots when 4 – 5 true leaves appear. Ranunculus does better as a container plant. It will thrive in the cool of spring but will be done when the temperatures begin to warm up. Ranunculus makes a great houseplant when it is grown in indirect light. Ranunculus Flower Care: Whether grown in the ground or in containers, Ranunculus plants benefit from mulch which helps keep the roots cool. After blooming, when leaves begin to yellow, cut the plant down low to the soil.


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