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Lotus Pack Of 5 Seeds Desi


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How To Grow From Seeds



Scrape one end of the seeds using a metal file, or simply by rubbing the seed against the concrete surface. This makes the hard outer shell soft and allows the water to penetrate easily into the seeds.


Now, put the seeds into a transparent vase filled with lukewarm water. After a day, the seeds will swell twice their. Keep the seeds that submerge in the water and remove the ones that float as they are infertile.

Leaf Stems

Change the water on a daily basis, until the seeds sprout. They will start developing tiny leaf stems within 7-10 days. Once they grow about 5-6 inches, its time to plant the seeds.


Any container, that’s 5-8 inches deep will do. The container must not have any drainage holes, otherwise, roots growth will drag towards the holes.


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